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Your donation makes a lasting impact

Your support today makes a life-changing difference for kids living with serious illnesses now AND for years to come!

When you make a donation now through the end of 2021, your gift can be DOUBLED – up to $125,000 – thanks to The Newman Soderlund Family. That’s TWICE the impact you will make!

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Double Gifts

Your Gift to SeriousFun will be DOUBLED this Season!

My dad Paul Newman often heard it said, “you can leave camp, but camp never really leaves you.” And now, more than 30 years after opening the first SeriousFun camp, we are seeing incredible results that SeriousFun camps have a real and lasting impact on campers.

So in honor of Pop and the campers we serve, my Mom and I are pledging $125,000 to match your donations dollar for dollar this season. I hope you will join us and pledge your support too.

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You can make a difference in the lives of Our campers

Create acceptance and belonging for campers like Keanan

Keanan, diagnosed with a brain tumor at age two, attended the SeriousFun Partner Program in South Africa for his first time on his 10th birthday! For Keanan, camp is a place where he meets friends with similar conditions and volunteers who are cancer survivors. He says, “Camp accepts me for who I am!”

Support campers like Keanan

Provide freedom and possibility to campers like Sophie!

Sophie attended a SeriousFun camp after being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. An outgoing girl full of energy – her diagnosis left her unable to do things she wanted. But at camp, with the supports that are in place, Sophie can do more than she ever expected: dancing, archery, and even zip lines! Sophie says camp is one of the greatest things that’s happened to her.

Support campers like Sophie

Help campers like augustin and his siblings try new things!

Augustin, Hugo, and Louis attended sibling camp in 2020. The two youngest brothers have Bartter’s syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that demands a high level of care. But with the medical supports in place at SeriousFun camps, all three were able to go away together for the first time and their parents got some needed respite.

Support campers like Augustin

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Amazon will make a donation to our cause when you shop at AmazonSmile. Or download the We-Care Reminder and a percentage of what you (already) spend at hundreds of online stores is donated to SeriousFun. Making a donation has never been easier (and more rewarding!)

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